Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doctor's appointment

On Friday I got off work at noon. We went to the doctor. A new doctor that is. We didn't like the one that checked me on my first pregnancy. She didn't care too much and on top of it all told me something that didn't make sence at all. She said that I had a septum in my uterus and that was why I lost my first baby. I went to another doctor for an ultrasound and she said that my uterus was perfect, no septum. She also said that if a septum would've caused the miscarriage it wouldn't have been so early in pregnancy.

Anyway so we met the new doctor. She sat and talked to me as if what I had gone through was actually important. I like her already! She wants some more tests done so yey! Saturday I get to be poked again, exciting (not). She also said to not even try to get pregnant until at least July, bummer! :( Apparently it takes the body about 2 cycles to be (hormonally) ready for a pregnancy after a miscarriage. That could be the reason for our second loss although it is not a rule.

So bottom line, God is in control and He has a perfect time for us to have kids. He is never early and never late. For now we will do everything the doctor tells us, see what the test results show us and go from there.

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