Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How it continued

So after the first miscarriage we had mixed feelings. We didn't know if we wanted to start trying again soon or not. But we love each other and you know what married couples that love each other do ;) So by the March 12 I was already peeing on a stick again and, yes, it was positive! We wanted to be excited and stay positive but the fear wouldn't leave. What if it happens again? Will we be able to go through the pain again?

All we could do was trust and wait. We decided we were not telling anyone until we were over the first trimester. I scheduled an appointment with a new doctor (we weren't very fond of the first one). Ironically the app was on my husband's b-day (at that time I thought it would be a nice gift to hear the baby's heart), obviously I didn't know what was going to happen that weekend.

On Sunday March the 20th, we went to church as any other Sunday. I remember being under the weather. Bruce had just told me he had to work that day and i was trying to get over it. So after church I drove him to work and went shopping. If you know me you know that I'm kind of addicted to shopping at the Dollar Tree. I had been tempted to buy those dollar PT just for fun. As someone said on her blog, peeing on sticks can become an addiction! Anyway, I got a couple and went home. I peed on one and there they where two beautiful pink lines!

I watched a movie and at the end when I stood up I felt some kind of discharge. I thought it was normal cuz well I've been pregnant before. I went to the bathroom and all of my fears came true. I was bleeding a lot, now that I think about it while I was watching that movie I felt what I thought was slight indigestion (now I know it was cramps). As soon as I wiped blood I started praying. Asking God to save my child to be with it, to be with me. I called my husband and told him. I still had to pick him up. So I drove to his job and he came out with his boss and his wife. That precious couple held me and prayed for us. I'm so thankful with them!

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