Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our life in years

I've heard a phrase that says "Every day is the start of a new year". When I first heard this it didn't make much sense but if you think about it for a minute it's the absolute truth.  365 days from today will be April 4th again and 365 days from tomorrow will be April 5th, a year nonetheless. Our life is changed by certain days that we celebrate or remember (depending on the case) every year and that is how we measure life. We measure our life in birthdays. We measure our education in school years. We measure our time in calendar years. We remember loved ones that are no longer with us every year on the date they passed away. We measure our marriage in anniversaries. Well you get the point.
I've been thinking about this because today is our 4 year wedding anniversary and even though at the end of 2012 I wrote a post on what we went through in that year, the "wedding anniversary measure" casts a different light on the same events. It's like a spotlight that points at a different character in the story. In the darkness of the theatre what this one light points at fills me with thankfulness, joy, humbleness, and oh so much love.
I know some men that would've probably walked this walk with as much dignity and integrity as he did, but I also know many others that would've walked away at the first sign of hardship. Not my Bruce. A couple of nights ago we were talking in bed and I thanked him for sticking by me and Evan when everything was so hard and painful he said "I cannot even fathom leaving you because our son was sick or passed away, that's something that never even crossed my mind as an option". Now I don't care how many faults this man has, this statement alone shows something far more important, it shows his heart. Bad habits can be changed, but a heart like this is worth pure gold.
This 4th year of marriage was probably one of the hardest we will ever walk through but I will always remember it as the one that showed my husband's true colors. The year that could have torn us apart but instead brought us closer together. The one God used to strengthen our love for each other and increase our admiration for each other. It wasn't an easy one but it was well worth it and I wouldn't chose anyone else to have lived it with.
Right now sitting in bed, typing these lines I am overwhelmed by love not only my Bruce's love but God's love for me that He would give me such a man for a husband... and now I look forward to what this new year will show me about him. We are writing a whole new chapter in which we live the role of parents of our sweet boy here on earth. I can't wait to fall even deeper in love with the father of my children as I see him interact, teach, and love our son as only he can. What an adventure and what good company I am in! Bring it on!

My gorgeous anniversary flowers!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life as of late

I've been MIA since the end of February when I wrote my last post. I'm not sure if it's just me or life seems to go by a lot faster lately. It seems like I wake up do a couple of things and it's night again! Anyway, I'm trying to make the best out of these last months before Baby Ethan makes his arrival.
My mom was in town for a couple of weeks, which was a great treat! She cooked authentic Mexican food for me, took me shopping for all things baby and shared in the whole pregnancy experience which is hard them being so far away.

 As I mentioned in my last post I started organizing our house some time ago. I thought I was done or close anyway but then all things baby started invading the house and I realized there's still more to do. Last week I cleaned and organized our closet, it took almost all day and all of my energy for the day. Now I'm working on the kitchen but I'm not too inspired for that one. The space is limited so I'm doing my best to maximize it but I'm not sure I'm doing it right, we'll see how that turns out. Trying to keep only what you truly need is easier said than done for sure!
I've been also working on several projects around the house I will post at least one of them soon, maybe tomorrow. Right now I'll try to get myself out of bed and finish the kitchen.