Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I wouldn't mind...

the nausea and the dizziness
if it means I'll see two pink lines

the heartburn and the cramps
if it means I'll hear your heart beat

the multiple trips to the bathroom
it if means I'll see you growing healthy

the pain and the hot flashes
if it means I'll feel you move in my belly

the swollen feet and the strech marks
if it means you get to stay with us

the baby weight and the sore breasts
if it means I can hold and kiss you

all that is painful and uncomfortable
if it means at the end I will meet you and fall in love with you!

God promised you to us and we can't wait to meet you, hopefully soon!

Love mom and dad.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I remember...

...our trip to Chile.                               

For our DTS outreach we went to Chile. I happened to be the only Spanish speaker in the group, the perfect excuse to spend time with me on our way over there. We took a bus from Brazil to Chile, 4 days on a bus and not much more to do than talk and learn Spanish! 
It was a very special time, we got to know each other, talk, be stressed about the future, fight against people who wanted to keep us apart, dance, joke and flirt. Since we were not allowed to speak much to each other we kept a notebook that we passed back and forth with our conversations. We wrote each other letters. We went to different cafes to chat or e-mail each other. We tried to have private conversations in a room full of people just so we wouldn't get in trouble. Oh 'good' times!

It was the first time I got an e-mail from you. A beautiful poem you wrote yourself. My heart was beating so fast when I read it. I discovered what love is. I think I read it like 20 times, just over and over again to take it all in, to understand every word and the intention behind it. I love that poem so much that I framed it and hung it in my room when I went back home for those 2.5 long years.

It wasn't an easy time by no means. Lots of challenges, uncertainty and mixed feelings. However, I cherish that time. We were together, getting to know each other and with all of our life ahead of us to enjoy, to dream about. We made it through it, we survived, we graduated!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I remember...

...when we talked.                                    

We were spring cleaning the base. I was sweeping  some stairs and I saw you  approach with your back pack. You looked distressed. Finally you gathered the courage and told me: "I don't want a relationship with you!". I was speechless. We had been hanging out a lot. We had become very close but I was not thinking about relationships with anyone. I of course told you that and that was it. We finished cleaning and remained friends as always. I was worried that after our little talk we would grow apart but we didn't. Actually, the opposite happened.  

After some trips down town, talks while we did homework, movies and meals, one day I was in the computer room and asked me if we could talk after you came back. I told you I had to ask you something. After you left I sat there trying to figure out something smart to ask you but couldn't come up with anything. When you got back you came to see me.

We were both nervous. Since I couldn't think of anything to say you asked if you could make it easier for me, so this is what was said next:

-B: "I like you."
-P: (nervous laugh and silence, followed by your very first Spanish lesson) "What do you mean? Because in Spanish we have 2 translations for that. 1) Me caes bien (which you can use for friends) or 2) Me gustas (which you only use when talking to a woman that you like). So which is it?"
-B: "Me gustas."
-P: Like 10 mins of nervous rumbling followed by a very honest: "I think I like you too."

After that you stood up and walked away.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I remember...

...when we met.    
It was January of 2006. I had just arrived to the YWAM base in BH, Brazil. I was a week late due to paper work needed but the leaders of our DTS (Discipleship and Training School) had accepted me into the school. You and the rest had just come back from a week long camp near the Amazon river.

To celebrate the end of the camp and the beginning of the school they threw a bbq (churrasco) party. I had just been introduced to everybody there. I didn't really notice you until you, with that strong, outgoing attitude that is so you, got up on a chair and yelled: "Hey, let's pray!". I remember thinking "That man is a leader!". That was the first time I noticed you.

Later that day Ron invited me out for burgers. I thought there would be a bunch of us but it was only Ron, Sergio, you and I. We ate and played pool. You thought I was from the States and found it hard to believe that I had never even been here. Somehow we joked about you kissing me. You promised you would kiss me one day and we laughed about it. Little did we know!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to life

Last weekend was a very eventful one for me. Since I did all my wifey things on Friday (groceries ans stuff), I had all Saturday off. I dropped Bruce off at work and hit some garage sales. Among other cool stuff I scored these x 2= 4:

I've been wanting to put some decorative pillows in the living room but haven't been able to talk myself into spending $13 a pop for non-essential items. I am creative and I love having projects, however, for the past year or so I haven't been so focused on excersicing my creativity. To be honest I was starting to feel quite rusty. So when I saw these 20'x 20' and the lady said she wanted $1 for all four of them I was sold! New decorative pillows for the house AND I get to have a project all for $1 + some fabric that I get to pick!!! What a deal!

I never owned a sewing machine before but that has never stopped me from having sewing projects here and there so it was not going to stop me now. I went to Hobby Loby and picked this:

I measured, cut, and started sewing yes, with thread and needle all by hand. Bruce was sitting by my side and when I finished the first pillow cover he asked: "Are you going to make 3 more of those?", I said : "Yes!" and he said: "Come on let's go to Walmart!", and I asked: "What for?", and he answered: "To get you a sewing machine.", and I said: "Yey!".

So off we went to Walmart. We tried to research real quick on our phones and decided either Singer or Brother would be a good pick. I didn't want to spend too much but Bruce wanted me to be happy with whatever I got. I got this:


Exciting, right? Our Walmart trip turned into a Walmart and JoAnn trip where we found some really cool fabric for a comforter that I'm going to make! Another project!!!! (Report on that coming when we get the fabric). That night we went home and I gave the whole sewing machine my very first try:

I got so excited that I sewed all three pillow covers without looking for a zipper tutorial first and it turns out that before sewing the 3 edges that don't have a zipper you need to do the zipper one, oh blessed tutorials. So the next day I undid them all and took my first attempt at following a sewing tutorial. It was a bit of a disaster at first and at second and at third but at about the fourth or fifth attempt I did it and here is the result:

My very first zipper!

Not bad uh? After a couple more of these, this is how our couch looks like now:

Green side showing

Turquoise side showing

You like them? I do! Bruce is not too sure about the colorful pattern, he sais it's hippie, hope it grows on him! But I think it brings some color into the room and the best part is that I made the covers!!! I had almost forgotten how good it feels to have a project. Planning it. Shoppping for it. Struggling through it. Figuring it out. And having the end result right before your eyes and loving it! I feel like I came back to life! Can't wait to tackle all the projects I have in mind. Love being creative!

I am doing it!

I am on week 8 of my couch to 5k training! To be honest I messed up a bit and repeated w3 on w4 so I've been running for 7 weeks (and counting) but I'm behind on the actual training  schedule anyway it doesn't matter that much because the point is that I AM actually running! I never thought I would find an achievable training and 6 weeks in a row is a huge achievement for me! I've tried to excersice before and I haven't gone further than a couple of weeks tops.

When I started writing this post on Thurday I was proud of the fact that I am keeping up with the training I started but on Friday I achieved something even bigger that made me VERY PROUD of my consistency and taught me something that might be obvious for you but it wasn't for me. So after work I went grocery shopping when I was driving home I was debating between running or not because it was getting dark. I got home and thought I could beat darkness, I put on my running atire and off we went (the dogs run with me). I started my 5 min walking and then I thought I started the timer for the 8 min jogging. When I started approaching the spot where I had started running and the timer hadn't gone off I started wondering. I checked the timer and I hadn't really pushed the start button. I had already ran 1 mile straight and didn't even know it so I pushed a little harder and ended up running a whole 1 mile and 1/2 and I haven't looked back since. More progress has happened the last couple of days. I've been running 25 mins straight and I'm loving it!

Yeeeey for me!

Oh and what I learned: I can run better with no sun, while it gives me a beautiful tan it drains the energy out of me!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


...was baby #1's due date. I've missed him the past 7 months or so. Sometimes the thought of how big my belly would be at the time hits me and leaves me thinking. This week the thought has been that we would be welcoming our baby into our family around these days. It makes me wonder how that would be like and how it would feel. Anyway, I thought that it would be nice to share a letter I wrote for our baby the day after he left us. So here it is:

January 10th 2011.

My dear sweet baby,

This is your mommy. A couple of days ago you were in my womb and I was thrilled. So excited to see you, to feel you and to see my belly grow because of you. Dad and I had been waiting for a couple of years to be ready to get pregnant and welcome you into our home. Neither of us felt ready for the responsibility we knew it was to raise you and guide you in God's pad but in November last year something changed in our hearts. We went to spend Thanksgiving with Uncle James and Aunt Ashley and their beautiful son Zachary, we had a wonderful time with them and watching your cousin be funny and silly. God used that time and that little one to put a strong desire in our hearts to have a baby of our own. Funny, but not too long after that we learned that we were expecting you! It made our hearts skip a beat and we were delighted. I wanted to go buy everything to be ready to receive you, dad had to stop me! We kept it a secret for a couple of weeks because your abuelos where going to come visit and we wanted to tell them in person. Finally they came and we told them, they couldn't be happier. We called your grandma and grandpa to tell them too and they were very excited. We got you some Christmas presents and you even participated in a Mexican tradition:“Reyes” and they brought you some things. Oh I forgot to tell you, you were a traveler too, you went with us to New York, we had a good time although we couldn't wait to come back to our new home.
Anyway, today you are not with us anymore, last Friday night we had to go to the ER just to find out that you were gone, the news broke our hearts. Even as I write this letter I can't help but cry, it hurts. But I know that now you are with your Lord and that there's not a better place than that. Although I wish I was still carrying you in my womb and I could still look forward to holding you in August (that's when we thought we would meet you), I know that there's no better place than Heaven for you. And I rest in the hope of God's promise that I will see you again when I go to Heaven with our Lord.
Please know that Dad and I love you very much, that we miss you and that we look forward to meeting you one day in Heaven. You have been the best news we've had so far and as short as your life was you brought a lot of blessings, laughter and joy into our life. We love you baby and we will be sure to share with your brothers and sisters how happy you made us. Thank you for being such a blessing, say hi to our Father for us.

With all of my love,

Mommy still thinks of you baby and is looking forward to meeting you in Heaven! 

The day I became a resident

Since I am a Mexican that happened to fall in love and marry an American who brought me to his country to live with him I had to go through a bunch and I mean a BUNCH of paperwork to become resident of the USA. Now I have been living in the States for the past year and a half so this is how it played out:

Dec 18th 2009 - We moved to the Sates. We arrived in California @ my in-laws for Christmas. I entered the country as a tourist.

Jan 13th 2010 - We moved to ABQ, NM. We packed all we owned including our dog in the car God blessed us with and drove to NM.

March 1st 2010 - I started an internship at the Consulate of Mexico. Basically free work for the Mexican government to thank them for my education which WE paid for but whatever!

Early May - We start wondering what we are going to do since my tourist permit will expire at the end of June. Do I leave the country and come back in? do we file for residency? What to do?

May 15th 2010 - They are so happy with my work that they decide to offer me a paid position...there is a problem though, I don't have work authorization at the time!

Late May - We travel to Juarez in order for me to get an A-2 visa (which is a special visa for workers of a foreign government). I was granted the visa and I was good to stay in the States for as long as I was hired at the consulate.

April 4th - Our 2 year anniversary! According to immigration attorney it's best to file for residency after we've been married for 2 years.

Mid April - I filed my papers for my residency and the wait starts.

May 30 - I went to get my biometrics (picture, signature and finger prints) taken.

August 10 - We go to our immigration interview. The man that interviewed us was very friendly. At the beginning we were nervous but he was so nice he made us feel comfortable. We rocked the interview and I became a resident... which means I am free to work wherever I want... which means I'm quiting the consulate in September... which means I get to start my own translation and interpretation business... which means I get to have more time to do stuff around the house and start a hobby... which means I am thrilled and very much looking forward to what God has in store for the months to come!!!

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making our home

One of the things I love the most about married life is that we get to 'build' our home. On December last year we bought our very first couches:

Pleader reclining couches

It was so exciting (for me) to go to the store knowing that we had a budget and that we could pick anything we liked within that price range! Sometime between when we got out of the store after the purchase and when we got to sit (and recline) on our brand new couches for the very first time Bruce admitted that he would have never even thought about buying new furniture (that's what craigslist is for, right?). However, I loved seeing his face full of satisfaction the first couple of times we got to hang out in the living room or when he got home from work to a furnished house.

My parents' Christmas present for us was a gorgeous dining set that we saw the same day we bought the couches:

Marble top and pleader chairs

So the dining/living areas were covered, we are so happy with how everything turned out and  specially excited that we don't owe a dime on either piece of furniture(please don't take offense)!

Next step our bed! Long story short we got our bed from some guy that was moving out of his house and wanted us to take as much stuff as we could out of his hands. This was when we first moved to the Sates (after a year in Mexico City), anyway, we rented a U-haul and got tons of stuff among which there were two twin mattresses. We set them together on the floor in our tiny apartment and called it a 'king size' bed. It wasn't as comfortable as it sounds because we would have a crack in the middle, it was a pain! So I got some yarn and sew both mattresses together and voila, problem solved! Then Bruce got some 5 gal buckets and set them underneath to make the bed higher, it worked for a while until the box springs started breaking so, I was forced to take them out and set our bed on the floor. Bruce didn't like it to much but we didn't have an option. Anyway, last Sunday I thought that we could splurge some money of this months budget to buy a decent bed frame. It took two stores and three transactions to get the bed of our dreams (to be honest it's still growing on me but I like it and I love that Bruce is happy with it!). So with no further ado I give you our new bed:

It's massive and it makes our room look so small but it's perfect!

It's missing the drawers on the front and the foot board is cracked so we need to get a new foot board and the drawers which will hopefully be in soon.

So everything looks perfect right? We have a king size bed frame and we don't need a new mattress because we have a 'king size mattress' (insert squealing tires sound effect here); we put the bed together, we put the box springs on the bed and oh goodness our 'king size mattress' is too short!!! Bruce was a little disappointed but we decided that it is the perfect excuse to buy ourselves a new king size mattress (great take on life adversities, right?) Of course that will be next month, but hey our bedroom is coming together!