Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making our home

One of the things I love the most about married life is that we get to 'build' our home. On December last year we bought our very first couches:

Pleader reclining couches

It was so exciting (for me) to go to the store knowing that we had a budget and that we could pick anything we liked within that price range! Sometime between when we got out of the store after the purchase and when we got to sit (and recline) on our brand new couches for the very first time Bruce admitted that he would have never even thought about buying new furniture (that's what craigslist is for, right?). However, I loved seeing his face full of satisfaction the first couple of times we got to hang out in the living room or when he got home from work to a furnished house.

My parents' Christmas present for us was a gorgeous dining set that we saw the same day we bought the couches:

Marble top and pleader chairs

So the dining/living areas were covered, we are so happy with how everything turned out and  specially excited that we don't owe a dime on either piece of furniture(please don't take offense)!

Next step our bed! Long story short we got our bed from some guy that was moving out of his house and wanted us to take as much stuff as we could out of his hands. This was when we first moved to the Sates (after a year in Mexico City), anyway, we rented a U-haul and got tons of stuff among which there were two twin mattresses. We set them together on the floor in our tiny apartment and called it a 'king size' bed. It wasn't as comfortable as it sounds because we would have a crack in the middle, it was a pain! So I got some yarn and sew both mattresses together and voila, problem solved! Then Bruce got some 5 gal buckets and set them underneath to make the bed higher, it worked for a while until the box springs started breaking so, I was forced to take them out and set our bed on the floor. Bruce didn't like it to much but we didn't have an option. Anyway, last Sunday I thought that we could splurge some money of this months budget to buy a decent bed frame. It took two stores and three transactions to get the bed of our dreams (to be honest it's still growing on me but I like it and I love that Bruce is happy with it!). So with no further ado I give you our new bed:

It's massive and it makes our room look so small but it's perfect!

It's missing the drawers on the front and the foot board is cracked so we need to get a new foot board and the drawers which will hopefully be in soon.

So everything looks perfect right? We have a king size bed frame and we don't need a new mattress because we have a 'king size mattress' (insert squealing tires sound effect here); we put the bed together, we put the box springs on the bed and oh goodness our 'king size mattress' is too short!!! Bruce was a little disappointed but we decided that it is the perfect excuse to buy ourselves a new king size mattress (great take on life adversities, right?) Of course that will be next month, but hey our bedroom is coming together!

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