Saturday, August 20, 2011

I remember...

...when we talked.                                    

We were spring cleaning the base. I was sweeping  some stairs and I saw you  approach with your back pack. You looked distressed. Finally you gathered the courage and told me: "I don't want a relationship with you!". I was speechless. We had been hanging out a lot. We had become very close but I was not thinking about relationships with anyone. I of course told you that and that was it. We finished cleaning and remained friends as always. I was worried that after our little talk we would grow apart but we didn't. Actually, the opposite happened.  

After some trips down town, talks while we did homework, movies and meals, one day I was in the computer room and asked me if we could talk after you came back. I told you I had to ask you something. After you left I sat there trying to figure out something smart to ask you but couldn't come up with anything. When you got back you came to see me.

We were both nervous. Since I couldn't think of anything to say you asked if you could make it easier for me, so this is what was said next:

-B: "I like you."
-P: (nervous laugh and silence, followed by your very first Spanish lesson) "What do you mean? Because in Spanish we have 2 translations for that. 1) Me caes bien (which you can use for friends) or 2) Me gustas (which you only use when talking to a woman that you like). So which is it?"
-B: "Me gustas."
-P: Like 10 mins of nervous rumbling followed by a very honest: "I think I like you too."

After that you stood up and walked away.

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