Sunday, August 21, 2011

I remember...

...our trip to Chile.                               

For our DTS outreach we went to Chile. I happened to be the only Spanish speaker in the group, the perfect excuse to spend time with me on our way over there. We took a bus from Brazil to Chile, 4 days on a bus and not much more to do than talk and learn Spanish! 
It was a very special time, we got to know each other, talk, be stressed about the future, fight against people who wanted to keep us apart, dance, joke and flirt. Since we were not allowed to speak much to each other we kept a notebook that we passed back and forth with our conversations. We wrote each other letters. We went to different cafes to chat or e-mail each other. We tried to have private conversations in a room full of people just so we wouldn't get in trouble. Oh 'good' times!

It was the first time I got an e-mail from you. A beautiful poem you wrote yourself. My heart was beating so fast when I read it. I discovered what love is. I think I read it like 20 times, just over and over again to take it all in, to understand every word and the intention behind it. I love that poem so much that I framed it and hung it in my room when I went back home for those 2.5 long years.

It wasn't an easy time by no means. Lots of challenges, uncertainty and mixed feelings. However, I cherish that time. We were together, getting to know each other and with all of our life ahead of us to enjoy, to dream about. We made it through it, we survived, we graduated!

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