Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to life

Last weekend was a very eventful one for me. Since I did all my wifey things on Friday (groceries ans stuff), I had all Saturday off. I dropped Bruce off at work and hit some garage sales. Among other cool stuff I scored these x 2= 4:

I've been wanting to put some decorative pillows in the living room but haven't been able to talk myself into spending $13 a pop for non-essential items. I am creative and I love having projects, however, for the past year or so I haven't been so focused on excersicing my creativity. To be honest I was starting to feel quite rusty. So when I saw these 20'x 20' and the lady said she wanted $1 for all four of them I was sold! New decorative pillows for the house AND I get to have a project all for $1 + some fabric that I get to pick!!! What a deal!

I never owned a sewing machine before but that has never stopped me from having sewing projects here and there so it was not going to stop me now. I went to Hobby Loby and picked this:

I measured, cut, and started sewing yes, with thread and needle all by hand. Bruce was sitting by my side and when I finished the first pillow cover he asked: "Are you going to make 3 more of those?", I said : "Yes!" and he said: "Come on let's go to Walmart!", and I asked: "What for?", and he answered: "To get you a sewing machine.", and I said: "Yey!".

So off we went to Walmart. We tried to research real quick on our phones and decided either Singer or Brother would be a good pick. I didn't want to spend too much but Bruce wanted me to be happy with whatever I got. I got this:


Exciting, right? Our Walmart trip turned into a Walmart and JoAnn trip where we found some really cool fabric for a comforter that I'm going to make! Another project!!!! (Report on that coming when we get the fabric). That night we went home and I gave the whole sewing machine my very first try:

I got so excited that I sewed all three pillow covers without looking for a zipper tutorial first and it turns out that before sewing the 3 edges that don't have a zipper you need to do the zipper one, oh blessed tutorials. So the next day I undid them all and took my first attempt at following a sewing tutorial. It was a bit of a disaster at first and at second and at third but at about the fourth or fifth attempt I did it and here is the result:

My very first zipper!

Not bad uh? After a couple more of these, this is how our couch looks like now:

Green side showing

Turquoise side showing

You like them? I do! Bruce is not too sure about the colorful pattern, he sais it's hippie, hope it grows on him! But I think it brings some color into the room and the best part is that I made the covers!!! I had almost forgotten how good it feels to have a project. Planning it. Shoppping for it. Struggling through it. Figuring it out. And having the end result right before your eyes and loving it! I feel like I came back to life! Can't wait to tackle all the projects I have in mind. Love being creative!

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