Friday, January 10, 2014

The craziest of times

The Holidays are over. We have a brand new year ahead of us with lots of hopes and dreams. We are kicking off the year in crazy mode around here. As I mentioned in my previous post we are traveling to Mexico, closing on our very first home and moving in all in the next couple of weeks! 

In true Coy fashion we seem to be doing it all at the same time and praying God will take care of the things that are not in our control! I am so excited about the house! We are getting a good deal and there are so many projects I want to take on. Our mortgage payment will be a bit higher than what we pay for rent now so all the updates will have to be done on a budget but as a frugal shopper, yard sale lover, deal hunter, etc. I am taking it as a personal challenge to accomplish an expensive look for an inexpensive price tag!

I am sure I am going to learn a lot in this process and that makes me happy! I will be posting my inspiration, projects, before/afters, and more over here so please join me int this adventure and let's learn together!

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