Friday, June 27, 2014

My baby is ONE today

When did that happen? I know everybody says this, it must be because it's true. It doesn't really feel like a whole year has gone by but my itty bitty baby is turning into a big boy way too fast and right in front of my eyes!

I had been thinking about a theme for his 1st birthday party since he was like 6 months and this is what I came up with:

"5 little monkeys" is the first song I learned in English way back
in kindergarten and to date it brings back fond memories of those years. 

I chose monkeys as Ethan's theme and when my mom was in town before he was born we found this cute beanie baby monkey, so it all fit together. I came up with the play on words (and number) and with daddy's help the party started to come to life!

We have a lot of fun plans for the party. I will post pictures soon! 

Today we celebrated by waking up the birthday boy with balloons and presents.

After the presents we had his cake smashing session. I wasn't sure how that was going to go because he is not a fan of textures but once he got a little bit in his mouth it was over, the cake didn't stand a chance. I took approximately 589 pictures and I was able to narrow it to about 200, it's impossible to pick the best ones they are all super cute! 

The hat was a nice thought but he wouldn't keep it on!

What is this???

I think I like it!

Yeah, I like it so much I'll dive in it!

Now I'm having fun!

Staple monkey face, not sure were he learned to do it
but I sure don't want him to grow out of it!

Then we went out for breakfast and off to Explora (a kid's museum in town). Ethan and Daddy had a blast learning and discovering together. My heart is full just from seeing those two enjoy things together and each other!

Fascinated with the shooting water

Water is his favorite thing to play with


This is how he shows love, I love you too my boy!

Abuela had a good time too.
To end the day we took his official 12 month picture with Daddy's 49ers hat, almost a monthly tradition.

Won't keep it on long enough for a picture but this works!
We had a really fun time celebrating his 1st year of life and we pray we get to celebrate many more!

My dear sweet boy,

It's been an honor and a privilege to see you grow during this past 12 months. For the most part it's been easy, not because I am a super mom but because you are a super baby. We lucked out with you, every transition and every milestone have been dictated by your readiness. There hasn't been any major drama or difficulty. Of course you've had hard days and I have too but nothing compared to the horrors some people warned us about. You've spoiled us!

I love to watch you play and see all the silly things you come up with. Sometimes I feel my heart is going to burst out of my chest with love. I don't understand how I can love a tiny person so so much. You have changed our life and I am thankful that you are growing strong and healthy.

Keep on growing my love, soon you'll be joined by your brother on Earth and we all will have a blast!


*Party post coming soon!

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