Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here and Now update {Getting in shape}

It's been almost three months since I started this journey to a fitter me and I am glad to report that I have succeeded! I've lost a total of 17 lbs. and 20 in.!!! I feel great and there are a ton of other non-scale victories I can report. My wedding band fits (it hadn't since 2012), I am wearing clothes I wore before I ever got pregnant, I've worn L shirts for a looong time now they all look big on me, I feel lighter and better, and more importantly working out has become a part of my life. I even like it now, whaaat? Yes, me, I love to work out!

I would like to thank Bruce and Melanie for pushing me to start this journey and for their encouragement throughout. I love you guys!

Having said this I want to encourage you to go for it. You don't have to buy expensive workout videos or be on a perpetual diet just make little changes that will yield the results you want. Go to a thrift store and look for work out videos (I've seen some for 2.99 each), get on youtube and get some workouts to incorporate to your day, get outside and run/walk for 30 mins., whatever works for you do it! Also there is this awesome app called "Lose it" that helps you set goals and track your food intake and activity so you can achieve loss weight easily. My point is, when you think of getting in shape it seems that there is so much to it long work outs, gym memberships, counting calories, diets, giving up fats, dairy, carbs, sugar, etc., switching to organic foods, and so on. If you start thinking about it it gets overwhelming, you get tired and you quit before you even start but it doesn't have to be like that.

30 min. workouts and staying within a caloric budget is all that there is to it. Of course that can look different for every one so do what works for you. I am a very chill person, I knew that if I wanted to lose weight and keep it off I needed to do something that I could keep as long term habits. I needed to change them, not be on a diet because it is not in me to be on a diet forever. I need to live too! It's good to eat healthy, it doesn't always happen but with this new habits I have set in place I don't have to worry about the times it doesn't work out. 

Anyway, I'm not sure how much sense I'm making. All I want is to communicate that if I'm doing it anyone can, you can too! It won't be easy at first but believe me when you start seeing results you will want to keep going and it will be totally worth it!

If you need a jump start I strongly recommend the 21 Day Fix. 21 days of a new way of eating and an easy to follow work out program and you will be on your way to a healthier you! Melanie is an awesome Beach Body coach and if you are interested I can get you in touch with her so you can start your journey! 

...and since a picture says more than all my words here it is:

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