Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I choose YOU!

Is there only ONE person for each of us to marry or can you make it work with anybody? This was the discusion my husband, a friend, and I were having a couple of weeks ago. 

We talked about it for a while and we happen to have different opinions and I'm not going to write them all. Where I am going with this is the conclusion my husband and I agreed on. My husband is very practical and incredibly good at putting anything into words. I love this man and his conclusion (which I agree with) made me smile!

So here it is, and I quote: " There are many people with whom it could be easier for me out there and many people that would be better for me in different ways but I don't want them, I CHOOSE YOU, I LOVE YOU FOR YOU, I LOVE THE GOOD AND BAD ABOUT YOU AND I DON'T WANT ANYBODY ELSE!"

What a blessing to know that both, God in His perfection and my husband in his imperfection, love me for ME! I'm a blessed woman!

 My wonderful husband and I

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