Saturday, May 14, 2011

Am I a mom?

As Mother's day approached this question began to grow in my heart. I know that a mother is not only the one that gives birth but the one that cares, nurtures, and loves. And I...well I didn't even give birth.

When I finally asked Bruce he said "No, you're not" (I don't think guys understand very well the whole miscarriage thing, it probably has to do with the fact that the only evidence of pregnancy he saw was the two pink lines and to be honest after seeing that even I had a hard time believing it!). So anyway, I just tried to stop thinking about it.

Mother's day came and went, and although I didn't think it would grief did hit me. I cried a bit and missed my babies, it made me think that by now I would have a big belly and we would be preparing for our little pumpkin to arrive into our arms. Bruce just hugged me and helped me not to get stuck in all those thoughts. But the question still remained deep in my heart.

Yesterday when I checked the mail I got this beautiful "Happy Mother's Day!" card from my mother-in-law. She is a precious woman and I am blessed to be married to her son. God used her immensely to comfort my heart and answer my question. Her card here:
So I AM a mom, because if I weren't then who would be the mom of those precious babies. They are just not with us, they are in Heaven and I look forward to meeting them one day. Thank you Jesus because we have that promise! Mommy loves you babies!


  1. What a PRECIOUS mother in law you have - a true gift from God for you, no doubt. And I agree with hers (and your) thoughts on what makes a mother. Prayers for you and your little angels and for many many many blessings to come your way.

  2. What a blessing of a mother-in-law you have - treasure her always :)