Friday, May 27, 2011

Mixed feelings

This has been a weird week. On Saturday my brother-in-law (J) talked to Bruce and gave us the saddest news. They lost the baby. My heart dropped to my feet. I've been there twice and yet I didn't know what to say. I wanted to get in the car close my eyes and instantly be by her side. We couldn't get there that fast but thankfully we were able to take time off to be with her.

The situation was complicated. J is in the army and he is stuck in SC doing some schooling, he couldn't leave or he was going to loose his spot in that class. Her sister was with her at the moment but couldn't stay too much longer. The kids were with the neighbor but he could only watch them for the weekend. A was in the hospital because she didn't have a miscarriage what happened was that the baby's heart stopped growing and they had to induce labor. We felt like we couldn't get there fast enough.

We got there on Sunday afternoon right when A was getting home from the hospital. We hugged and cried together. I was so happy to be able to be there for her and understand what she is going through. We didn't talk about it for long, we mostly cried and hugged.

While the circumstances were not the desired ones we truly enjoyed the time with the family. Z is precious and it is amazing how he's growing. Remember last time I said he refused to say "bear", well now he does! He says Uggie Bruce and Poulina beautifully! He runs around and jumps and talks and dances, we even played in the rain, he is a true delight! I love that kid. Our other nephew T got honor roll in his school, so proud of him!

Eating breakfast wih Uggie Bruce

Running in the rain with Aunt Polina
Thank you God for allowing us to be there for our family and for bringing us closer together, all glory be to you!

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