Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Sunday my husband was reading my blog and he looked at me in a kind of concerned way. Later I asked him what that was all about, he said it was about the pictures and tickers I had added to my blog. He was concerned that I had added them because I haven't gotten over it or I am just holding on to my babies in a creepy unhealthy way.

So I got to explaining him that it is not the case. I mean it still hurts at times and I get teary when I think about what would be but I AM healing. The reason why I decided to put up those pictures and tickers is deeper. Since I read "Heaven is for real" I realised how real our babies are. They ARE persons, they ARE in Heaven, they ARE now part of our story, they ARE as important as any other kids we will have. So I did it as a memorial, as a way to remember them and (assuming they know or Jesus tells them what is going on here on earth) let them know that mommy and daddy love them.

There it is, I hope you don't judge and if you've lost a baby and are reading this that this will help you rest in the assurance that you will meet your baby one day!

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