Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear time,

I would really really really appreciate if for just this next week and a half you could pass by a little faster! What? You want to know why? Well you see, there is a VERY GOOD possibility that I could be pregnant. It's too early for symptoms and I don't want to pee on a stick before I actually miss my period which is not for another week and a half. I know I have been selfish in thinking that I don't want to have a baby right now and stuff but the truth is I'm getting anxious! I want to know! And I know I would love it if I were! I know everything is in God's hands and it's ok if I'm not but this waiting time is not my favorite.

Now I have to confess I am a little nervous because once I find out, if I AM pregnant then I will want the first three months to go by fast just to be sure that I won't loose this one but nothing is for sure anyway so I guess I will just turn to the one that holds my life in His hands and rest in the knowledge that He is in control over every single thing that happens in my life.

So time: take your time because He is in control of you too and He is never early and never late!


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  1. i hope so much that you're pregnant! waiting is the WORST!