Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I remember...

...our vacation to Rio.

After we graduated I stayed in Brazil a couple more weeks and we planned a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Nathalie, you and I took the bus to Buzios where we had booked a hotel room with my parents' time share. It was beautiful. We had a blast at the hotel. We made food, swam, and went around town. One morning you came into the girls' room to wake me up and you smelled like heaven. You had just shaved and brushed your teeth and the mixture of smells between your after shave lotion and the toothpaste is something that I will never forget and if I smell it ever again you will come to my mind.

After our "rich" vacation in Buzios we decided to take the bus to Rio. We were short on money but we decided to stay anyway. We found a little one room apartment with a mattress. Us girls stayed in the room and you slept in the mattress in the livingroom. We went around town, to the beach and to the Christ statue in the picture. We had a lovely time. I remember you made me an apron with a plastic bag. We had a very serious talk which you were very nervous about ;). You woke me up with a beautiful pink rose one morning and a love note. It was a good time and I didn't want it to be over!

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