Friday, June 3, 2011

Camp: I survived!

I'm back. Burned. Tired. Sore. But back and alive! My first real camping experience was a blast. We left on Saturday morning stopped at McD's for breakfast (because I totally left the pb&j and nutella sandwiches I made on the counter) and coffee. Then a quick stop at Walmart and off we went. After 1.5 hours or so driving we made it to the camp site. It was pretty full and we found a cramped little place and started unpacking.

Firs camp site
 As we started unpacking we noticed we hadn't brought the poles for our tent (thruth is our friend William borrowed the tent from his parent and the poles were not in the bag). Anyway we did bring a rope and that saved the day. We unpacked set up the tents and got in the car to head to town to get some stuff we needed. As we drove down the road the guys spotted the perfect camping site. Two tables together, a fire pit and tons of room for our tent. We decided it was worth it to go get all the stuff and bring it to this new perfect spot.

How we made the tent work with a rope
So I stayed saving our new finding while the guys went to get all our stuff. We settled on our new place and headed down to town. There was a beautiful river running right beside the road. When we came back the camp host told us that there was a pack of does close by. We went to see them and took some pictures. When it got late we started the fire as we chilled there and talked till 2 am. Next morning we went hiking -talk about a good work out- I realized I'm completely out of shape! Need to work on that ~sigh~. The view at the top of the mountain was absolutely worth the hike.

Our visitors

Happy campers!

The view from the top of the mountain

The fire

On Monday we went rafting (yes you guessed, my first time). I had a blast! It was windy and you know how wind and wet well it's not the best combination but I was having such a good time I didn't even notice. We went down some rapids and the best was to see Bruce smiling back at me as if saying "that's my girl!" (sometimes I do tough or adventurous things just to see that smile). After our rafting adventure we headed back home. We went home and cleaned up, oh blessed hot shower how I missed you!

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