Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Visitors and a broken pump

On Friday 10th I got out of work and drove home to find a full house. G (MIL), B (DIL), KL (SIL) and T (BIL) were already home. I was so good to see them after almosta a year. After driving 14 hours they were all passed out in the livingroom. We talked for a while, made dinner and we all sat and ate. Everybody went to bed early.

On Saturday we went to the flea market, that was a quick trip since the guys were done and the heat was beating on us. Then we went to pick up some more gorceries (not that we didn't have enough). When we got home that day B got a stainless steel pot set out of the car, it was my anniversary present from them! Oh how I wanted one of those, I love it and I love them! God keeps surprising me with the smallest details.

That night after dinner water slowly stopped flowing through our faucets! Catastrophe: We didn't have water to shower or wash dishes and we had visitors! Thankfully the company we are leasing from (BNM) is amazing so they immediately sent TLC to our house to fix the problem. Which they didn't but the guy that came managed to destroy our fence. Somehow his truck got caught on the side of the fence and he pulled it. Needless to say Bruce worked for weeks to put that fence up by himself, so he was pissed. So on top of not fixing the problem we already had they created another problem.

On Sunday we all went to church, then out for lunch and then the girls went shopping and the guys... I don't really know what the guys did. By Monday morning we still didn't have any water. So BNM offered to pay a night at a hotel, which we gladly accepted. We all went over there to take showers and only B slept there. On Tuesday no water yet. BNM paid for another night at a hotel but this time we didn't go for the cheap one we got a room ate the Radisson (which where we live has a water park). So we put on out swimming wear and headed there for an evening of water fun. God works things out in amazing ways!

On Wednesday the real useful pump (our water comes from a well) came in and in three hours it was fixed. Blessed running water! The only down side to it all is that we had to front all the money for useless TLC (that charged an outrageous amount of money for doing nothing and wrecking our fence) and the hotel rooms, so now we're waiting on BNM to send us a check.

Thursday was the last day they were going to be in town, Bruce had to work and B wanted to wander around town and buy a bicycle. So us girls and T went to the aquarium, the botanical garden and out for lunch. Around 7pm Bruce was out of work and since we wanted to celebrate fathers' day ahead we all went out for late dinner to a fancy seafood restaurant. We had a lovely evening!

Friday Bruce went into work at 5.45am and our guests headed back home at 6am. I suffered a major case of empty-nest which mught have led to a little bit of a meltdown but my good Lord conforted me and I was good for the rest of the day. I ran errands and  by 6pm I was in bed not to wake up until 9am next morning. It was a very blessed week! There is no doubt that THAT IS LIFE, the rest is what you do to be able to afford life, right?

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