Monday, June 6, 2011

My job is a delight (NOT!)...but it has it's bright side!

I cannot begin to desribe how traped I feel at my job. I just wasn't born for a 9-5 office job. I hate the nonsense, I hate the impracticality (is that a word?) anyway I am in the process of getting my residency so I can start my own business and work form home, yey exciting! I know it might not be as easy as it sounds but I am sure that I will enjoy it a ton more!

One good thing about my job though is paid vacation. I get 4 weeks a year! And I'm taking some time off next week. Mom and Dad in-law are coming to town, so exciting! I can't believe we haven't seen them in over a year! Lots of fun planned for the week bbq, the zoo, the aquarium, the great Sandia Mountain, maybe some girl time out, some shopping (I love shopping with my father-in-law Bob, aka Bargain Bob) if there is a bargain he will find it even if he doesn't need whatever it is that is for sale but it is hilarious to see him go around the stores looking for underprized treasures.

Can't wait till they get here and we have some family time!

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